Philip Philip Everywhere

Several years ago I visited Manorbier Castle in west Wales. I enjoy walking round old houses and castles – particularly when there’s no one else there and I can maintain an illusion of ownership.

On this day, the castle was all but empty, and as I ambled round, I noticed an awkwardly posed wax figure. He was dressed in chain mail, winding up the portcullis. He seemed familiar. Moving on to the kitchens, I spotted what looked like the same man, this time stirring a pot.

Then I saw him again in another part of the castle – and it dawned on me that these men were all Prince Philip.

I asked a member of staff, who said that, yes, the castle had recently purchased “a job lot” of Philips from Madame Tussauds.

This was all a long time ago, but I sometimes wonder whether the Duke’s been relieved of his duties. Or perhaps he’s now assisted by other job lots…

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One comment on “Philip Philip Everywhere

  1. Elen Ivorian Rogers says:

    Made me smile… thank you!

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